December 21, 2004 by AK

Mikhail Kuzmin

From Alexandrian Songs (1906). This, and more Kuzmin here.

In spring the poplar changes its leaves;

in spring Adonis returns

from the kingdom of the dead…

And you — where’re you going to in spring, my sweet?

In spring all will go riding

in the sea or the gardens on the outskirts

on swift horses…

And I — who am I going to share the boat with?

In spring all will don festive clothes,

will walk out in couples to the fields to pick violets…

And I — what do you mean, I’ve got to stay home?


  1. I wonder whether ‘seashore’ would be a more accurate translation than ‘sea.’ Surely it would make more sense.

  2. Alex(ei) says:

    Thank you for pointing this out. The original meaning was, “boating in the sea or riding swift horses in the gardens.”

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