January 24, 2005 by AK

An unphilosophic ditty

Vladimir Soloviev, the Russian religious philosopher, was a devout Christian, a chaste man and a serious thinker. His father was the great historian, Sergei M. Soloviev; on his mother’s side, Vladimir Soloviev was related to the 18-th century Ukrainian preacher and philosopher, Grigory Skovoroda.

(Solovyov), sometimes called the only true Russian philosopher of the 19th century, a mystic, poet and writer, also

Vladimir Solov’yov
Lies underneath this stone:
Was once un philosophe,
Now turned a skeleton.

Once friend to lamb and wolf,
To hosts he was a fiend,
But, mad with love, himself
He flung down a ravine.

He lost his soul — to tack
No mention of the lard —
The former, Satan took;
The latter, dogs devoured.

O traveller! Apprehend
From the accident of fate
How love is decadent,
How salutary’s faith.


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