August 19, 2005 by AK

Kim Jong Il as Koschey the Deathless (Jr.)

Last week, my mother-in-law heard in the news on TV that Kim Jong Il was going to make another visit to Russia, once again in his armored train. She probably commented, “Why in the world do we need this guy here?” and my 4.5-y.o. daughter inquired:

— Who did you say is coming?
— Kim Jong Il, the ruler of North Korea.
— Is he good? Kind?
— No, he’s bad and wicked.

Scared, my little daughter burst into tears. Poor girl — she must have thought the wicked Kim was coming to our home. Grandma assured her it was rather Putin’s place he was going to visit, not ours – but to think of it, the child was wise to get frightened.

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  1. just sayin' says:

    Fear is the same the world over. My 3 year old got frightened by the movie “Monsters, Inc” and now is afraid of closing his closet door.

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