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Russian-born, Moscow-based, Russian- and US-educated. Middle-aged. Professional… although still an amateur in many ways.

Now There Are Always Snows (“Теперь всегда снега”) is the title of a poetry book and a standalone poem by Gennady Aygi. I am not sure I understand Aygi’s work but I can’t resist thinking about that 1978 title now and then, imagining life in Moscow as a string of terribly long winters broken by brief spells of heat at times.

I’m same person who used to blog at The Russian Dilettante in 2003-7 . I’m still based in Moscow and still trying to make sense of what’s going on around me, though less hopeful I can ever succeed. I don’t like some of my old posts and opinions and will probably delete some particularly nasty entries from the past.


  1. Estragon says:

    Used to read you, wondered what happened to you, glad to see you back.

    • AK says:

      Good to hear that! I’m going to keep writing until Putin turns off the Internet in this country or starts hunting down bloggers.

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