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  1. Russia as Hunger Games territory


    March 1, 2015 by AK

    From Stratfor’s latest 10-year forecast: …we do not think the Russian Federation can exist in its current form for the entire decade. Its overwhelming dependence on energy exports and the unreliability of expectations on pricing make it impossible for Moscow to sustain its institutional relations across the wide swathe of the Russian Federation. We expect …
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  2. Bomb Voronezh in response: a sequel


    August 7, 2014 by AK

    In December 2012, the Russian parliament reacted to the US Magnitsky bill by outlawing the adoption of Russian orphans by Americans. Let the disabled kids pay, said the Russian MPs and voted for “Herod’s law“. As some Russians joked bitterly then, if NATO were to hit Syria, Putin would bomb Voronezh in response. This time, …
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  3. “Bomb Voronezh in response.”


    December 26, 2012 by AK

    This blog will have to get more political. There’s no avoiding it any more: Russia’s been sliding unfailingly hellward since the Dec. 12 elections, blatantly fraudulent even for this country. The Kremlin has viciously attacked the opposition, free thought and free speech, and in doing so has gone against the Constitution, common decency and, most …
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