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  1. “Nothing I saw at Magadan… suggested slave labor.”


    May 15, 2017 by AK

    Henry Wallace was a man of great talent and achievement. As a politician, however, was susceptible to selective blindness or conscience-soothing self-delusion. In May 1944, he visited the camps of the Kolyma basin – the vast, permafrost-covered northeasternmost island of the Gulag Arkhipelago. The title of Robert Conquest’s 1978 book, Kolyma: The Arctic Death Camps, is …
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  2. VP Wallace on fascism (1944)


    May 14, 2017 by AK

    Henry Scott Wallace writes in The New York Times: Seventy-three years ago, The New York Times asked the sitting vice president to write an article about whether there are fascists in America, and what they’re up to. …His article, “The Danger of American Fascism,” described a breed of super-nationalist who pursues political power by deceiving …
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