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  1. The gifts of liberty?


    February 15, 2017 by AK

    Alexander Pushkin wrote this poem in November 1823, shortly after news of Rafael del Riego’s execution reached Odessa. It was first published in Russia in 1866, almost 30 years after Puskin’s death. The translation below is by Nabokov: I copied it from his notes on Eugene Onegin. Of freedom solitary sower, early I went, before the …
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  2. If Tchaikovsky had given up on E. O.


    January 17, 2017 by AK

    Reviewing T. J. Binyon‘s biography of Pushkin, James Wood remarked in 2003: It is in some ways unfortunate that Tchaikovsky set Eugene Onegin to music, not Rossini, the composer of deep shallows. Pushkin, according to T.J. Binyon’s remarkable biography, became ‘addicted’ to Rossini while living in Odessa, where an Italian opera company was visiting… Yes, …
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  3. Pushkin in Colorado courts


    May 21, 2014 by AK

    Something on a lighter note. Prof. Eugene Volokh cites a ruling by the Colorado Court of Appeals in a defamation case involving an unorthodox interpretation of Pushkin’s Mozart and Salieri.


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