June 1, 2003 by AK

I do not believe in the “happy slave” concept, for a slave cannot comprehend, and thus appreciate, the happiness of a free man. Unless, that is, he possesses what in Russian thought is called “inner freedom” — an ability to tell right from wrong and readiness to make conscious choices (which his bondage prevents him from making). Unfortunately, with hereditary slavery comes a slavish psychology, which makes true freedom nearly impossible for a slave. If he is freed by an external force, he will remain a slave at heart; and no other force can free him. For when a slave at heart rebels against his master, whatever the outcome, he becomes not a free man but a rebellious slave. Fortunately, there is a way out of the vicious circle. Inner freedom is a divine gift; it is only those blessed with it who can lead their people out of slavery and teach them freedom. It takes a long, long time; 40 years is an optimistic estimate!


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