June 24, 2003 by AK

“I’m pissed at France because I see its society degenerating into Anti-semitism and America bashing. Jews are fleeing the urban areas of France in record numbers because of rampant violence – such as the bombing of hebrew schools – which the police won’t even investigate.”

Kelley of Suburban Blight commenting on this post on Teacherish.

Well, of course les vaches don’t refuse to investigate for the “who cares if a synagogue is burnt down” reason. I might concede they don’t commit as much resources to finding the culprits and protecting Jewish communities as their New York colleagues would do in a similar situation. It probably has nothing to do with the alleged antisemitism of the French — I have no reason to believe it exceeds that of the Americans. It’s bound to have something to do with the presence of 5 million Arabs vs. 0.65 million Jews in the country. And, above all, with the empowerment of American minorities.

If someone burnt a synagogue or black church in the US, I’m sure it’s not white Americans’ dislike for antisemitism and racism in general that would put hundreds of cops and feds in motion; not even hate and civil rights laws would be the ultimate trigger. It’s that the ADL or NAACP with their Gentile or while allies would raise hell if the powers that be failed to respond adequately. Once again, it’s about empowerment. As Alex Kingston said in ER (as far as I remember of course), “This is America, Mum. You have to kick people’s arses around to get things done.” Not just in America — everywhere. Otherwise, who’d care?

I’m being a bit cynical, sure enough. Righteous indignation is also a huge factor, but who said the French don’t feel the same? I’m tempted to get nasty again and suppose that when one minority (Arabs) sets on another (Jews), the majority is just standing by with a smirk. But I know it isn’t true.

As for the French anti-Americanism, it’s just inlawish grumbling.


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