July 24, 2003 by AK

Aa much as I am, or prefer to be, a detached observer, partly by occupation, partly by nature, I also remain a Russian citizen and a Moscow resident, with persistent insecurities, headaches and idiosyncrasies — some shared, some peculiarly mine. At times, I lapse into a maudlin depressed mood coupled with fatigue and indistinct fear, and it seems to me I am going through one of those times. I guess Mises had a point when he wrote:

This is not to say, of course, that the importation and translation of Russian writings ought to be prohibited. Neurotics may enjoy them as much as they wish; the healthy will, in any case, eschew them.

Neurotics… yep.

“Wer bist du, und was fehlt dir,

Du fremder, kranker Mann?”


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