August 4, 2003 by AK

I hope I will never adopt the condescending tone that I’ve been addressed in recently. Too much discomfort from a dispute over some trifling book. As usual, I’m defending esthetics against ethics-based attacks. Nothing else.

Oh, and by the by, one has at least to read a book, at least a good chunk of it, to come forward with a qualified opinion of it. Some people prefer to get by on book reviews.

[Yet not all is bad. “An author who can’t do a good job explaining his creation isn’t much of a communicator. One’s clarity of expression is a pretty good indicator of one’s clarity of thought,” says McGehee in the midst of the bickering, unexpectedly rephrasing Marx. I do have a problem with the first sentence applied to fiction; in fact, I think it is just wrong. Else, why write fiction at all? And any good book should have a healthy sprinkle of fiction!]

[More: I’ve just noticed that I made a funny mistake in a comment at Michele’s: in keeping with good PC practices, I used “her” in reference to a “Frenchman”.]


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