December 2, 2003 by AK

I respect Al Gore. He’s got content in him; most politicians are hollow shells. I am sure Gore–Lieberman would be a better first couple than Bush–Cheney, but Aschcroft and Reno are equally ugly. The Patriot Act was a bipartisan creation, passed in haste, only a month and a half after 9-11.

For many reasons… Let’s not be afraid of lofty words, America is holding high the standard of freedom. Partly because it volunteered to bear it. (Iraq.) The world is looking at it, and what does it see? (Quote about citizens.) Erosion of fundamental rights, the liberties of Englishmen. Of course, the Patriot Act does not introduce martial law, but it’s a bad symptom. Kuwait is prosperous; not a land of opportunity. Instead of saying, “We will defend our sacred liberty,” the silent majority gestured, “Please, Bush & Co., make the CIA, FBI and the Army defend us; and we’ll give up a chunk of our freedom in exchange.” No society is perfect, but this kind of civil immaturity in America compromises the values and makes them suspect. “America brags about its freedom, but will give them up without a fight; no respect.”

Combatting illegal immigration requires political will, not new laws; it was quite possible to launch a massive deportation operation without the PA.

The NRO keeps arguing the PA is harmless. Wishful thinking: Whatever laws can be misapplied, eventually will be. Original purpose will not matter long. They use RICO laws… Waco defendants/defenders were convicted under anti-mafia machine gun laws. This administration is not forever; just wait, Kim du Toit, until your pro-life friends get locked up indefinitely for plotting to bomb an abortion clinic. You should be shouting out against it, but you’re too pussified to do it.


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