December 2, 2003 by AK

Notes on the fly

Poetry is not philosophy packed. To versify impressively is not to snugly, smugly rhyme a philosophy. Oh the fine, rogue art of condescension, Anglo-Saxon to the bone marrow. In Texan parlance, “I’d trade all my tomorrows // For one single yesterday.”

Like most of us, Trotsky could kill millions; like most of us, he would not willingly kill his friends. (Neither could/would Lenin.) Start from this: imagine Trotsky, not Stalin, had succeeded Lenin as the boss.

Is there a diphtong in “curious”? I’d say yes, even two, in BE — the same as in “cure” and “ears”.

Hold few principles, but strongly.

To a foreign ear, says Aaron H., but to a foreign eye and a foreign taste, too.

Russia is free-riding on OPEC’s back.

There is something very ugly about every fascinating place in the world. All-round nice place aren’t fascinating a bit.

A manfestation of love for the distant, a universal human weakness. (Taibbi)

Those two antipodean souls can coinhabit/share one body.

I wonder if the Polish example is relevant at all. The Rzeczpospolita of the early 17th century, at the peak of its might, was a union of Poland proper and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was a major regional power stretching from the Baltic to the Black sea (od morza do morza).


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