December 6, 2003 by AK

Cognomenal luck

I’ve imagined, in jest, an article titled, “Paleoconservatism from de Benoist to Buchanan,” but I’ve lost interest since I was struck by a fit of envy. Alain de Benoist got himself too good a name: noble, euphonic, old-fashioned and all that. If your appellation is Alain de Benoist, you don’t need to prove you’re a first-rate specimen of European civilization: you name does it for you. Then you can go ahead preaching a return to barbarism and paganism. Lucky bastard. Someone should take notice that aristocratic names are vestiges of feudal privilege and thus the government should address this iniquity urgently. Let the well-named pay reparations to the ill-named, for instance. Very much in the spirit of our time.


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