December 24, 2003 by AK

Stupidity begets pain in the posterior

This morning, I discovered that the ZIP disk where I had put a large archive with, among other files, my notes on everything under the sun and a few scanned photos, had died. I should have known better: my drive had destroyed three disks before, but I did not expect this one to last for just a day. Why I relied on that fourth disk to store 13MB of data somewhat dear to me, I can’t rationally explain now. I tried to recover the archive from the hard drive, from where I had deleted it, but it kept coming back corrupted. What a duffer.

On the positive side, I enjoyed browsing through LewRockwell.com last night and today. Sure enough, most of their columnists sound like crazy radicals from the fringes (which is why I hadn’t read them much), but getting beyond the sound and fury, one’s bound to admit they are right on some points, and reasonable on others. Llewelyn is a consistent libertarian but gives hardcore paleoconservatives a voice, too. Not that Buchananites have fresh ideas or consistency (their agenda is pretty eclectic), but they are one of the few groups that seem to acknowledge that liberty, although a precious element that transcends all boundaries between humans, is meaningless outside of a social and cultural framework and tradition.


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