January 25, 2004 by AK

Tat’yanin den’

Jan. 25 is St. Tatiana’s day in the Eastern Orthodox calendar, or simply Tatyana’s day in Russia (congrats, Tat!) It’s students’ day here, like Feb. 14 is lovers’ day elsewhere (and, alas, gaining recognition in Russia). As the legend goes, Russia’s first (not counting Dorpat) university (my alma mater) was founded in Moscow on that day in 1755, and St. Tatyana has since been considered the patron saint of Russian college students. By Jan. 25, the winter exam marathon — a sort of finals week covering the fall/winter semester — is normally over in Russian colleges, so Tatyana’s day marks the beginning of the winter break, or kanikuly.

Vladimir Vysotsky was born on Jan. 25, 1938; as a rule, a few TV channels run shows dedicated to his memory this day. (If you don’t know who Vysotsky was, no problem: just ask me.)

The most importantly, our daughter has just turned three.


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