April 22, 2004 by AK

Waking up

It’s been a long, long, long time (imagine George Harrison singing with The Beatles here, then break the image)… and lang, lang been the ladyes sittin’ a-waitin’ for another post. Since I feel I’ve had few if any thoughts worth blogging about of late, a zero-posting policy would be in order were I not allowed to link. I hate the process of linking: an inner voice says, ”ah khrehf”, as though in Russian, every time I type “a href”, but I must persevere. (Perseverance is a favorite word of a certain professor at the US university I owe a lot to; reputedly a hard worker with similar expectations of his students, the gentleman, not being a native speaker, persists in pronouncing it somewhat like “Per’s severance”).

Tom, “a twenty-two year old American living in Moscow, Russia” reports on, among other things, problems with academic integrity as understood by Russian students and, alas, some professors. Things were far from that bad back when I was a student, so the general decline of mores (in a creaky yet dignified voice) must have reached the Russian academia.

Chainik, or should I say Kate the chainitsa, is ”an undergraduate student of linguistics somewhere in the American Midwest” whose passions, admittedly, include Slavic languages.

I should have included a third link, but my concentration span is over. Due to vitamin deficiency, I reckon.


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