July 14, 2004 by AK

Watching UT Media Watch

Peter Lavelle gets too harsh on Yevgenia Albatz and Pavel Felgenhauer, two liberal’nye Russian journalists. They don’t deserve all of the pain but some. Albats, who recently earned a PhD in “government” from Harvard, has always been inconsistent in her opinions. For one, read her complain about a lack of press freedom under Yeltsin in a 1999 story: “Russian media lost the freedom they had long been seeking as a result of the 1996 presidential elections,” and then lament the loss of said freedom under Putin in a 2001 Guardian piece: “Now ‘managed democracy’ is replacing freedom of expression.”

Yet, since she is an expert on the KGB, I trust her judgment on Putin in this 2000 PBS interview, where she also criticizes US policies toward Russia in the 1990s.


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