March 30, 2005 by AK

1. Hate speech is a crime in Russia. To be precise, here is Article 282 of the Criminal Code (in Chapter 29, “Crimes against the foundations of the constitutional order”):

Incitement of ethnic, racial, or religious hatred

1. Actions directed at inciting ethnic, racial, or religious hatred, abuse of ethnic dignity as well as propaganda of discrimination, superiority or inferiority of citizens on the basis of their relation to religion, national or racial identification, if these deeds are committed publically or through the means of mass communication —

are punishable by a fine of 500 to 800 minimum wages, or of the convicted person’s wage or other income for five to eight months, or by a limitation of freedom for up to three years, or imprisonment for two to four years.

2. The same actions if committed:

a) with resort to or threat of violence;
b) with abuse of office;
c) by an organized group —

shall be punished by imprisonment for three to five years.

2. The Sakharov center is an independent organization (named after the great Soviet dissident and co-inventor of the H-bomb Andrei Sakharov) dedicated to protecting and promoting human rights and liberty in Russia.

This list of controversial exhibits has several interesting links.
Sakharov Center site
Cathy Young


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