April 3, 2005 by AK

What really matters

An excerpt from a blog I have found through isteve.com, A Woman’s Function is Laborious. The author recalls working at a shelter for victims of domestic abuse:

I learned quickly that volunteers didn’t last long in the shelter, at least not the ones my age, the political ones. The older ladies who were volunteering out of a sense of civic duty were the only ones who could be counted on. I remember being very surprised that these women were not feminists, were not, in fact, even interested in feminism. They were married, their children were grown, and they didn’t have jobs (and never wanted one). They volunteered out of a sense of charity and commitment to the community. They loved their husbands, they loved their grandchildren, and they loved the Lord, not necessarily in that order. They would talk for hours about their families and their community, but had no time at all to talk about politics, which is all I thought about.

“A sense of civic duty;” “a sense of charity and commitment to the community!” These are the kinds of goods America should be exporting, if only they were transferrable.


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