May 6, 2005 by AK

I didn’t like biology at school. In fact, I came close to hating it, especially the botany classes that started the biology cycle when I was 11 or 12 — to be followed by zoology, anatomy, and general biology. The only part I loved were archeopteryxes and the eternal life hypothesis. I’m beginning to regret this, especially my ignorance of genetics. But the question I’m asking myself has more to do with the role of the right and left side of our bodies.

Namely, I noticed a while ago that my right shoulder is broader than the left, or at least it seems so when I look at the position of the seams that keep shirt sleeves in place. (Needless to say, the way I use and can use my right hand is radically different from the uses I find for my left one.) Does it say anything about my cerebral hemispheres or is it just a development defect?

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  1. AlanK says:

    Well decided to be boring explain some of this as a zoology graduate

    part Left brain control Right side body

    part right brain control left side of body

    also cones in eye point inside eye so to see light needs to reflect into eye back out into cones

    also other stuff, probably normal which since nobody is normal means your about normal but different

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