November 8, 2005 by AK

Roland, où est ton épée?

Sure thing, the people of the rioting Parisian suburbs are not all “scum” or “rubbish.” I understand living there is tough for a decent young man who just wants to be a good French citizen like descendants of the Gauls. But if he, perhaps out of frustration alone, joins the incendiary gangs, it is not unfair to label him so.

If I were at the helm in France, I would impose a state of emergency with martial law and appoint a dictator. The dictator would then use force to quash the “rebellion.” Using force seems to me the most humane method of dealing with violent disorder. With calm restored, I would lay down long-term options for dealing with the post-immigration problem for the nation to consider.

There would be deportations of non-citizens, almost no doubt, but the focus would be on the citizens of non-European ancestry. I would abandon the modern version of multiculturalism altogether and make it clear there are but two ways for the descendants of immigrants: leave or assimilate. Ideally, assimilation should be first cultural, then physical, through intermarriage.

But can a nation whose elites have come to sneer at the cultural achievements of past generations offer anything but cynicism to the newcomers? If you don’t respect your own, you can’t expect to convert others to your ways. The jury’s out on whether Europeans can manage another reassessment of their past. If they can, do they have the right to demand that newcomers conform and assimilate?

It’s up to them to decide. The French might as well recall it’s their land and has been theirs for ages. After all, it was Charlemagne who defeated Arabs in Spain, not the other way round. Roland died in a rearguard action but the campaign was a success. Arab settlement was limited to the other side of the Pyrenees.

Mass immigration from outside Europe is a recent phenomenon. A reasonable immigrant would understand that the French nation emerged long before his arrival and, although he may, as a new citizen, influence France’s culture and way of life, it would be an abuse of hospitality to attempt subverting or destroying them. Mosques and hijabs anywhere near La Chapelle are subversive symbols.

Russia is different. It has large autochtonous minority groups whom the notoriously oppressive — according to certain Western and Red historians — Czarist regime neglected to wipe out or convert and whose right to being left to their ways is pretty sound.


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