Two pieces on the same lies

The Interpreter: Throwing a Wrench in Russia’s Propaganda Machine.

It is curious, then, that The Interpreter – a magazine which is barely a year old (RT was established in 2005), has an extremely small staff (RT has over 2,000 staffers), and runs on a tight budget (…in contrast, RT is given more than $300 million each year by the Kremlin) — should increasingly come under attack by some of the network’s staff members and television guests.

Julia Davis: Russia’s top 40 lies about Ukraine.

Disinformation is being laid on thick and poured out in a variety of forums: streaming down from the Kremlin, to Russia’s mainstream media, on to bloggers, down to useful idiots and hordes of paid trolls, who plague comment sections of articles about Ukraine and spread vitriol, hatred and blatant lies all over the social media.


  1. One of the consolations I can take from my team England being eliminated from the World Cup after only two games is that RT “journalist” Graham Phillips has actually gone to Brazil and paid money to support them. So it’s hurt him far more than it’s hurt me. Sweet.

  2. Better than nothing, for sure. By the way, have you read Mark Franchetti’s Sunday Times piece of 8 June, or heard him speak on Ukrainian TV about the Vostok battalion?

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