9,000 dead in Donbass


December 9, 2015 by AK

The UN’s latest casualty count for Ukraine:

A report from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said 9,098 people including combatants and civilians have died in the conflict since April last year… More than 20,000 have been injured…

Suppose for a moment that, as Moscow has claimed, a fascist nationalist junta seized power in Kiev in February 2014. Would they have killed 9,000 people in one year and a half? Pinochet killed fewer than 4,000 in 16 years. The Argentines were more sanguinary during the Dirty War of 1974-83, especially in 1975-78. Still, they did not shell their own cities and destroy civilian airports.

Once Moscow owns up to its military intervention in Ukraine, it will probably try to justify it by claiming that it prevented many more deaths in Donbass, which would have been caused by an insanely bloodthirsty government in Kiev. Anything to avoid taking responsibility.


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