Blunt force to a patriot’s head


March 11, 2016 by AK

It was not a heart attack, contrary to earlier reports in the Russian media:

On Thursday, more than four months later, one of the questions surrounding Mr. Lesin’s death was answered: The office of the chief medical examiner in Washington announced that he had not died of a heart attack, but rather of blunt force injuries to his head…

Although the examiner and the police did not declare his death a criminal act, the authorities clearly no longer consider it to be the result of natural causes.

Interestingly, both of Mikhail Lesin’s children have lived and worked in the US since 2014 the latest. Anton Lessine, a movie producer, seems to be a permanent resident. Ekaterina Lesina works for Russia Today and owns some modest digs not far from Mulholland Drive. If the father was planning to cooperate with the feds, he didn’t have to worry about the kids getting unemployable (to put it mildly) back in Russia.

Updated March 12, 2016. Some Russian media report the FBI is involved in the investigation of Lesin’s death. It would not be surprising because the District of Columbia is not a state and certain matters are handled directly by federal authorities there. For instance, serious crimes committed in D.C. are tried by federal courts.


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