Die Krimische Dreckapotheke

Alexander Petrun’ko was one of the “conservative activists” who attacked the Josh Sturges exhibition at the Brothers Lumère Center in Moscow last Sunday. Reportedly, he spilled a foul-smelling yellow liquid over the exhibits and the walls. (Some reporters got sprinkled, too.) The cops arrested the man and a judge ordered him to serve seven days in jail for “petty hooliganism.” At the hearing, Mr. Petrun’ko argued in his defense that his liquid weapon was not urine but

therapeutic mud from Crimea.

(In the Russian original, the word used for “mud” more often means “dirt” or “filth.”)

Give credit where due: he couldn’t have put it better. The taking of Crimea in March 2014 energized assorted Russian “activists” like Pervitin once wound up Nazi orators. Overcome by patriotic convulsions amidst the mud, they won themselves a new lease on life.

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