“My niece got weed”


September 9, 2017 by AK

According to Wikipedia,

“Love Me Two Times” is a song by the American rock band the Doors. It first appeared on their second studio album Strange Days

The song was written by guitarist Robby Krieger.

Written, recorded and issued in 1967.

A comment on YouTube:

When I first heard this song as a teen, I thought he was singing ‘Yeh my niece got weed…’, but it’s actually ‘Yeh my knees got weak’, lol.

Phonetically, the two lines only differ in two consonants: s-z and v-k. The first two sounds, s and z, mostly differ in voicing and can sound alike in a sung text. Also, Jim Morrison’s ending consonants sound slurred and elusive. One might as well mishear that line as yemmonèes gahwèe or some such nonsense.

Now, “my niece got weed” is a perfect mishearing, phonetically close and fitting the context. Apart from its goodness, it could have happened because one doesn’t expect clichés from Jim Morrison. “Love Me Two Times,” however, was written (if Wikipedia is to be trusted) by Robby Krieger, the band’s guitarist, although all the Doors members were listed as co-authors on the original LP disk.


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