A sign of dejection?

Greece is trying to stop Turkey (or, rather, Erdoğan) from turning Hagia Sophia into a mosque:

The Greek government is preparing a diplomatic push for the European Union to sanction Turkey as a first response to its decision of converting [sic] Hagia Sophia into a mosque…

Meanwhile, both the US and Russian governments have found a complete disinterest in the conversion of Hagia Sophia into a mosque.

Moscow has expressed regret, and that’s all. It was different in 2015: When Ankara’s allies in Syria shot down a Russian plane and killed one of its pilots while he was parachuting, Russia imposed wide-scale economic sanctions on Turkey.

(As with everything Putin’s regime does, its “retaliation” soon degenerated into violence against the weak, such as the shameless expulsion of Turkish students.)

You’d think that the Hagia Sofia conversion is a symbolic act of enormous significance for Russia and deserves at least a symbolic counteract that would resonate with its allies and adversaries. Is this a sign of weakness and defeat, of hopelessness even?

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