Yes, Trump’s party is playing on Putin’s side

Judging by the vote tallies as they stand now, Joe Biden won the same number of Electoral College votes as Donald Trump had won in 2016, flipping the same states Trump had flipped four years ago. Biden’s margins in those states were mostly thin but not much thinner than Trump’s – and much wider in some places. Secretary Clinton conceded almost at once. President Trump not only refuses to concede but continues to insist he has won, spitting in the face of the American republic.

Trump’s manufacturing baseless claims of fraud out of thin air is particularly outrageous because Biden’s win was neither sensational nor unexpected – he did not carry any of the states where he was a clear underdog – and was backed by a solid popular vote margin. The barrage of lawsuits and now Trump’s pressuring and intimidating Republican vote canvassers are extraordinary attacks on the Republic. This is a coup d’état in progress, no matter its outcome.

I’ve just come across this great tweet. This image has been around for a couple of years so I’m a slowpoke for not adding to my collection earlier. But – in my defense – it did look overblown then, or at least premature.

Now we know it was prophetic. Don’t tell me Putin is no Communist. He is not – but he is an authoritarian dictator, and the Soviet hammer and sickle carry on as a symbol of authoritarianism (and of worse things than mere authoritarianism). No less importantly, Trumpists are now playing for Team Putin much like US Communists used to play for Team Stalin. Trump is acting like a Russian agent; the Republicans enabling him are acting like the party of treason.

Trump’s party does not include the whole of the Republican party, thankfully – the Republicans who are refusing to join in the coup will go down in history as heroes.

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