“The final act of what they owe Russia”

The tweet below apparently referred to the lawsuits – mostly frivolous – filed by the Trump campaign. I would extend it to Trump’s attempts to have Republican-dominated legislatures appoint electors contrary to the popular vote in their states:

That would be a hell of a return on investment for the Russians. By the way, T. Greg Doucette has argued that the appointment of “rogue electors” by state legislatures would not keep Trump in the White House but could deny it to Biden, making the Speaker of the House the interim President.

Nobody wants President Pelosi, writes Doucette. Nobody but a small crowd in the Kremlin, perhaps? A caretaker president, as seen from Moscow, would be a weak president. A dragged-out constitutional crisis in the US would work even better, perhaps, keeping America occupied with its internal affairs and giving Russia a freer hand in Eurasia.

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