Ken Paxton tries acting like Putin, his ultimate master

This Texas lawsuit is a spitball to the face of the nation and its courts. It’s hardly unusual for rotten actors to act ugly but the enabling force here is impunity. The Supreme Court won’t – probably can’t – sanction a state AG for filing a lawsuit which, interpreted charitably, insults the judges’ intelligence.

It reminds me of Putin’s September conversation with Emmanuel Macron, the president of France. Putin lied barefacedly to Macron without bothering to conceal the fact he was lying. To quote myself again:

…[W]hy did Putin spew this noxious swill at Macron?

(a) Putin is mad and/or delusional. (b) Putin sought to insult Macron – to spit him in the eye – in the nastiest Russian way, by talking offensive nonsense and challenging the apparently impotent interlocutor to respond. “I can say any vile shit I want to your face – what can you do to me? Slam the receiver?”

This – specifically (b) – is very much Paxton at al.’s line of conduct in their attempted attack on the Union. (That’s what it is – although neither the Confederacy nor its Jim Crow successors resorted to such villainy AFAIK: If the Supreme Court takes up the case and rules in favor of the nasties at least in part, it will destroy the US.) Even the harshest rebuke from the Court – unlikely but theoretically possible – would not threaten them in any tangible way.

It goes without saying that the Republicans supporting Trump during his attempted coup are Putin’s agents, objectively speaking. This is all but indisputable. Night and day, they are busy destroying their country, carrying water for their idol in the Kremlin. Or in whatever bunker he is hiding these days, scared to death of the inevitable.

They are also among the bitterest enemies of liberty, democracy and pretty much everything that makes us human (such as reason) – but this is just my personal opinion.


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