Russia attacked Ukraine on February 24, 2022, more than two years after I posted my “Doomsday thoughts” (also see follow-ups 1 and 2 from 2020). Whether most Russians support the war or not, and whether its supporters are merely ignorant or ill-willed, this invasion is a crime against a whole nation and will always be remembered as Russia’s national disgrace. And it might be just the beginning of Russia’s Great Revisionist War.

Back to 2015:

Finally, despite all the Goebbelsian propaganda from the Kremlin, few people in Russia are prepared to accept a full-scale war with Ukraine because it would be fratricide.

Fratricide both figuratively and literally – millions of Russians have relatives in Ukraine. Unfortunately, the Kremlin’s propaganda appears to have achieved something: in 2022, more than a few Russians are in favor of the ongoing war. They are not in the majority, perhaps, but it’s hard to tell what the majority is thinking. Some Russians have taken to the streets to protest the Kremlin’s military aggression; others have signed anti-war petitions and open letters.

But that’s cold comfort to the Ukrainians fighting the enemy or hiding in bomb shelters.

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