Deprogramming 2

Mia Jankowicz writes in Business Insider:

Putin’s disinformation is so effective that Ukrainians can’t convince their own families in Russia they are under attack…

..[T]he two nations increasingly live in separate realities, brought about by Russia’s vast state media apparatus and its hostility to independent reporting.

Since the invasion, the divide has worsened, with Russia formally outlawing reports on its invasion that do not match its official line and restricting access to Western social-media platforms

Russia refuses to call its “special operation” a war or an invasion and has outlawed public statements to the contrary, but this ban is an act of wartime censorship indicating the country is at war.

That’s not surprising. What’s mind-boggling is the distorted worldview of those Russians who refuse to recognize the reality on the ground in Ukraine no matter how reliable the sources. There’s something profoundly dysfunctional about a person who puts more trust in television than in friends or relatives. Even when they tell her, “We’re being bombed,” or “Your army is shelling our city.”

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