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  1. Russian courts: breaking what was fixed, cont’d


    June 22, 2014 by AK

    No relief on the home front. As I have mentioned earlier, Russia is merging its relatively decent arbitration courts into the general jurisdiction system, which sounds proverbially like adding a jug of honey to a barrel of sh*t. According to Kommersant, many judges from the team of Anton Ivanov, the chairman of the soon-to-disappear supreme …
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  2. Breaking what’s being fixed


    December 8, 2013 by AK

    The current Putin-Medvedev government wants Russian-owned businesses with a primary focus in Russia to be domiciled in Russia. At the same time, Putin’s latest Constitutional amendment is doing away with the most advanced segment of Russia’s otherwise pathetic legal system, that is the courts of arbitration, which litigate business disputes. It does not make sense. …
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  3. If it’s not broken, break it


    October 12, 2013 by AK

    Putin wants the Russian constitution changed to merge courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts. The latter, a separate branch of the judiciary, try commercial disputes between corporations. From what I’ve read in the Russian press, arbitration courts have much improved lately and are light years ahead of the other courts in terms of independence, sophistication …
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