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  1. Three comments on “White-Collar Supremacy”


    November 27, 2016 by AK

    Three comments out of seven hundred responses to the NYT opinion piece by Kelly J. Baker I mentioned earlier. “sjaco” from northern Nevada: Ok, I guess I get what the author is getting at. Over 60 million people voted for Trump lets call that set T. Of the set of T a small subset of maybe 100 …
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  2. Goddard is Stoddard with Grant’s G


    November 25, 2016 by AK

    Kelly J. Baker writes in an opinion piece in the New York Times (on the merits of which I’d rather not comment): Madison Grant, a lawyer, eugenicist and the author of “The Passing of the Great Race,” wrote that the American “stock” would be jeopardized by these particular European immigrants… …in “The Great Gatsby,” F. …
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