Shropshire Notes

This is an index to my posts related to Steve Bannon’s 2018 interview with Zanny Minton Beddoes, the editor-in-chief of The Economist. They are mostly related to Minton Beddoes’ genealogy and ancestors and were prompted by her questioning Bannon’s anti-immigrant rhetoric in light of his immigrant ancestry.

  1. Intro/Summary. (New money vs. old gentry: Bannon interviewed by Minton Beddoes)
  2. The manors of Cheney Longville and Minton; the Beddoeses and the Mintons. (A Shropshire genealogy)
  3. The Minton-Beddoeses from ca. 1850 to 1950. (Resilient gentry)
  4. A simplified timeline. (Shropshire and a bit of Montgomeryshire)
  5. The Economist against the landed classes, primogeniture and entail. (“By the advancing of commerce… the worst evils of feudalism were mitigated.”)
  6. TBD: the family connection, if any, between the Beddoeses of Cheney Longville and Thomas Lovell Beddoes and his father.