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  1. Amos Oz and Three Versions of Judas


    July 17, 2017 by AK

    I read a brief excerpt from Amos Oz’s latest novel, Judas, this morning, then looked for reviews of the book and the author’s recent interviews. Here’s one from September 2016: But as much as the young Oz was enthralled by Jesus, the story of Judas irritated him… Nothing about it adds up. Judas Iscariot is meant …
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  2. How deadly is Islamic originalism?


    November 15, 2015 by AK

    The literal meaning of Islamophobia is fear of Islam and its adherents, and with every act of terror committed by Islamists this fear appears more understandable, if not justified. Neither ISIS nor Al-Qaeda is representative of all Islam of course, but ISIS’ doctrine as well the slightly less extreme Saudi version seem to be typical …
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