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  1. Putinist rhetoric in Poland


    April 10, 2016 by AK

    The Lavrov argument – “Who are you to f—ing lecture me?” – makes a certain sense when the lecturer is currently acting in ways similar to the auditor. Otherwise, it seldom works. Being lectured by David Miliband must be torture – but hey, so what? “Your grandfather was a Nazi” is also used from time to time – by Moscow against …
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  2. As usual, Russia’s constitutional court bows to the executive


    February 28, 2016 by AK

    The Russian Constitutional Court has fixed the glitch in the legislation that denied the guaranteed right to a jury trial to women accused of capital crimes: According to Russia’s Criminal Code, regional courts only hold jury trials when the accused faces life imprisonment. However, women cannot be sentenced to life imprisonment under Russia’s Criminal Code. After …
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