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  1. On the oil front, Iraq has advanced a lot (unlike Iran)


    October 9, 2016 by AK

    As mentioned in this comment thread on White Sun of the Desert, the question, “Was the Iraq war about oil?” deserves to be answered in the negative if “about oil” means “about unprecedentedly lucrative contracts for Exxon and Halliburton.” It’s not the only sensible interpretation, however: “about oil” can also mean “turning Iraq into a reliable, Western-friendly …
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  2. Full of wine


    February 20, 2003 by AK

    An e-mail to Instapundit implies that some Americans have stopped buying French wine in response to you know what. Presumably they’re switching to Chilean and Australian stuff. That’ll save them money, I hope – good for them. But the reason for the switch (now that’s consumer sentiment!) is so ridiculous I can’t help but admire …
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  3. Back to the price of France’s support


    February 19, 2003 by AK

    I am almost certain now that behind the scene negotiations are going on among the US, France, Russia, etc., on how the Iraqi spoils should be divided. Once they agree on who gets to keep what contracts and debt claims, shocking news will break of Saddam’s previously undisclosed and unprecedented mischief; in its wake, the …
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