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  1. “Sometimes pace _is_ argument”


    April 16, 2017 by AK

    Ada Palmer, who teaches history at Chicago, writes science fiction and composes music, reminisces on her early encounter with Thomas Carlyle’s prose: My cohort and I were wolfing down a book a day in those months, looting each for thesis and argument, so we could regurgitate debates, and discuss how our own projects fit with the larger questions …
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  2. Friedrich the (Not So?) Great


    October 31, 2004 by AK

    In the comments to the previous entry, John Cassian reminds us that Thomas Carlyle’s History of Friedrich II of Prussia had among its fans Adolf Hitler himself — and, may I add, Kaiser Wilhelm II. Was it Frederick’s reputation as an enlightened autocrat (a reputation dubitable — but suppose Chesterton was too tough on the …
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