“Supposedly for medical research”

So what if, according to Alan Friedman and TNR, Rumsfeld went to Baghdad in the 1980’s to re-establish diplomatic relations despite evidence of Saddam’s using mustard gas and a nerve gas?

It only means Rumsfeld should be nowhere near the office he now occupies.

Actually, not just that: it turns out “the United States sold Iraq anthrax, bubonic plague, and botulinum toxin, all supposedly for medical research.” (ibid.) Very nice! But if that’s true, why bother sending inspectors at all? No doubt Saddam has kept the stock, perhaps even multiplied it; and since a bacteriological lab can be housed in a mid-size barn, no inspectors could either check all of them, or ever sniff out the right one.

On the surface, what a great argument for the UN and the world! “Sorry folks, we sold them anthrax, confitemur. We’re gonna fix the problem now.” But how can Rumsfeld say that? Bush himself could, though, — everyone knows Reagan’s era was replete with sales of bad stuff to loyal SOBs; yet another revelation would come as no surprise.

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