Marx and his non-readers

I keep forgetting to post this. I once said that Jordan Peterson had been “completely unprepared” for his 2019 debate with Slavoj Žižek. Why? Because Peterson “knew next to nothing about Marxism.”

Nassim Nicholas Taleb put it better: “Never BS about Marx.”

Never never BS about Marx. Pick someone else, say Teilhard de Chardin or Henri Bergson, those nobody cares about. He is the most studied of philosophers. I was once part of a reading group with people in it who read Das Kapital 10 times.

It’s not literally true, of course, that nobody cares about Bergson or Teilhard de Chardin. But in relative terms, I guess you could say even that.

Eduardo Gavotti added:

I realised in University that almost all of the people who criticised Marx never studied him. They just built upon someone else’s criticism. At the same time, most of the people I knew who praised him failed to understand the world post-Marx.

I wouldn’t claim to understand the world post-Marx either. Or pre-Marx. Still I keep trying.

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