Felled by malady

My heart aches literally, together with my head and stomach. Some sort of the flu, I suppose. I’m not even in a mood to reply to Mike Tyukanov’s insightful comment. And it’s a good thing that I’m not because a serious discussion of coordination, cooperation and competition would raise some sociological and anthropological issues that I’m simply not qualified to handle.

I was glad to see Fernando Alonso win the Hungarian Grand Prix for Renault yesterday (I’m talking about Formula 1, just in case). Raikkonen of McLaren-Mercedes came second, and Montoya of Willams-BMW third. I think it’s the first time Renault has fared this well since the glorious era of their partnership with Williams that brought four W-R championship wins (Mansell, 1992; Prost, 1993; Hill, 1996; Villeneuve, 1997; and, of course, Hill would have won in 1994 had it not been for Schumacher’s traditionally perfidious behavior in the last race). Not to mention that Williams-Renault was Ayrton Senna’s last team. After Hungary, Montoya trails Schumacher by only a point, and Raikkonen by two, so we should see some serious fighting in the remaining three races.

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