News from the Russian front, again

Alexandr Voloshin, Putin’s chief of staff, resigns over his opposition to Khodorkovsky’s arrest. Putin meets with top investment bankers based in Moscow.

Global Markets Recoil at Russian Oil-Stock Seizure. Excuse me? Global markets? The Russian market is going down the drain, right, but global markets probably care more about the astonishing 7+% growth in US GDP.

US Hawk Wants Russia Out of G-8. That’s Richard Perle. “Russia should be excluded from the G-8. No [other] G-8 country is allowed to treat its leading businessmen the way Russia treated Khodorkovsky.” Well said. If only Perle hadn’t been overly hawkish on Iraq, his words might have more impact the Russian crisis today.

Bruce Jackson comes close to calling Putin a Nazi in the Washington Post:

Since Putin was elected president in 2000, every major figure exiled or arrested for financial crimes has been Jewish. In dollar terms, we are witnessing the largest illegal expropriation of Jewish property in Europe since the Nazi seizures during the 1930s.

All right, if this helps mobilize the US Jewish community against Putin’s authoritarian policies, I’ll keep my mouth shut. But Jackson’s view is incredibly slanted, and his interpretations border on paranoia. I just don’t think it’s the right time to debunk him.

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