1. With the sudden appearance of these photos in lieu of political commentary I have the uneasy sense of deja vu, a vague recollection of what the USSR used to do on TV when times got tough . . . I hope the RD has not been victimized by a coup d’blog . . .

  2. That is just what the Politburo said about Solzhenitsyn.

    Your country is being obliterated and you are posting pictures of Crete and cracking wise. Not very surprising, given that you proudly declare yourself a dilettante.

  3. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion on what one should do. I prefer to do what I either enjoy or am trying to be good at. As for Russia, well, if I owe something to my mother country, it’s a matter of my conscience and is nobody else’s concern.

  4. But you did make my day, LR. Never before had I heard a person compare herself to Solzhenitsyn and myself to the Politbureau. Wow.

  5. Russians have been saying stuff like that for centuries. And the spiral of doom goes on.

    Ironically, I myself had no idea how easy it was to become Solzhenitysn. All you have to do is criticize a Russian, and right away you’ve “victimized” somebody who wants to send you to a gulag. If it makes your day to be compared to the Politburo, would it make your year if I compared you to Stalin? That would be a pity.

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