One way of choosing subjects for blogging – for lack of originality – is to follow the posts of some bright, opinionated, and outspoken blogger and pick on them. Why don’t we start with Eugene Volokh?

I think the question of how one judges people who achieve great things in their fields, but who have serious moral failings in other parts of their lives, is a tough one, and I don’t quite know where I stand on it.

That was related to Roman Polanski’s allegedly having sex with a 13-year-old, which constitutes statutory rape (not in the Netherlands though). There were aggravating circumstances, too, it seems (he drugged the girl).

What is one to make out of this Stavrogin-ite escapade?

Whatever. It’s Polanski’s work that has been judged and found worthy of prizes and praise. The rest isn’t art.

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