A natural ally?

Andrew Sullivan (it’s almost bad taste to link to his weblog — to do so is to assume the reader doesn’t know or remember, i.e., is a downright ignoramus) quotes an e-mail saying

Note also that Kaiser Wilhelm was positive that reactionary absolutist Russia could not possibly ally itself with regicide-honoring, radical post-Dreyfus France.

That makes the Kaiser look a bit retarded in retrospect. Perhaps his friend Nickie and his wife (both Wilhelm’s relatives and ethnic Germans, with a trace of Russian blood in Nicholas’ veins) seemed too amicable and reliable to ever reverse course. Nonetheless, to disregard the Russian elites’ affinity for France and all things French… not to mention Russia’s borrowings in the French money market…

Need to talk about “Eastern European countries have known tyranny thus they appreciate freedom and support Bush’s war” later.

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