The rejectionists

It’s awfully difficult for me to write more than three average-sized paragraphs. I’d rather limit myself to the bare gist, which often sounds cocky. I first wanted to call this project “The Opinionated Russian”.

One conservative observer has written recently on how (surprisingly for him) similar the tastes of quirky left-wing and quirky right-wing intellectuals turn out to be. He mentioned organic food I think, but the aversion to popular culture would be a better example. If he means conservatives like R Locke or Zmirak, no wonder. Culturally, they may have more in common with ultra-Marxists than their fellow neolibs (neocons) from National Review. (Oh the shallow, boring Jonah!) I think M&E discussed “feudal socialism” and “aristocratic socialism” and perhaps even “Christian socialism” in the Manifesto. Rings a bell.

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