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February 19, 2003 by AK

No wonder, then, that Hans Blix’s blunt refutation of America’s “intelligence” at the UN yesterday warmed so many hearts. Suddenly, the Hans Blixes of this world could show up the Americans for the untrustworthy “allies” they have become.

Honestly, I don’t quite understand this.

The British don’t like Hussein any more than they liked Nasser. But millions of Britons remember, as Blair does not, the Second World War; they are not conned by childish parables of Hitler, Churchill, Chamberlain and appeasement. They do not like being lectured and whined at by men whose experience of war is Hollywood and television.

I still think Nasser was somehow less terrible than Hussein, even despite Hitler’s portrait in the former’s offices. Did Nasser gas people en masse? As for the rest of the paragraph, it makes a valid point. WWII makes up a much larger part of national history for Brits (and Russians, and Germans of course) than for Americans. The wound still hurts.


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