The language of K-19


February 24, 2003 by AK

K-19 is being shown on Russian Channel 1 right now. Dubbed. I’ve seen pieces of it before; Harrison Ford adopting a Russian accent and all that. Just fifteen minutes ago or so, I watched Liam Neeson as sub commander being reprimanded by visiting admirals right before his own crew. Doesn’t look realistic. Perhaps the director didn’t care much about realism anyway. In reality, I’d imagine there would have been a formal investigation; the commander would have had to explain the reasons for the incident both in writing and before a panel of military experts.

Also, the officers and soldiers aboard the sub are on way too formal terms. It’s just not convincing. Especially so in a closed space of the sub and in snafu situations. And considering the unlimited capabilites of informal Russian.

This is not to say that Liam Neeson or Harrison Ford can’t be convincing as Russian officers. Quite the opposite: with proper counseling, I’m sure they could have done an excellent job. After all, Ford’s incarnation as a somewhat wayward pilot (in the movie with Anne Heche) suggests to me he would be a great candidate. His character looks and acts quite Russian.


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